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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Summer Travels, Real and Virtual, Let the Music Play On

Summertime fun in the virtual sound lab!

Hiya again.  I'm ready to roll again in Second Life.   It's been awhile, but all good things must come to an end - or must they?    Here's my latest travels this summer - inner and outer worlds.     I had some good times this past month, from California to Illinois to NYC and to Arizona, and then back to the Bay Area.  I actually was on the studio set of Good Morning America, waving in the audience. The studio is located in Times Square.
Setting up for a performance - yeah cool! 
I missed my show, and my SL friends, but upon returning, I have made some Sansar friends.  I have my toe in the creative sands of Sansar, just attempting to wade deep enough so I stay afloat.    I have been thinking alot of what I want to create there, and definitely I want to establish a live music presence in both SL and Sansar, and perhaps every VW, right? 

I am also back to writing again about VR and VWs, mostly academic, but I plan to return to my old journalistic musings, reporting on what's trendings related to virtual culture.

I went back to my Sound Lab project (pics above) to inspire me, and I will soon be back streaming regularly.    I want to freshen up my sounds, updating my playlist with any new releases.

Other than that, life is good!   How about you?     You will hear from me soon enough!  Check in next week, and I will let you know what's up.