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Saturday, August 9, 2014

SL LIVE Radio's Got Sonicity!

Slow Bake is back.  

It's been awhile.  But I am bringing back Slow Bake to SL Live Radio.

I just can't leave the live music scene alone in Second Life.   I have been in Second Life since 2006, and still love it and the music.    Thanks to Esme Capelo and Thorn Andel for presenting me with a wonderful weekend time slot of Sundays, noon to 2pm SLT.  

Please join me as I play the SL classics and head on a sonic journey to discover new SL talent as well.   My events blog, whatsupsoni, showcases some upcoming events, and invites SL residents and tourists alike to tell me their fav artists and songs.

I visited a long-time sl friend and musician today, James Olmos (a.k.a., AcousticEnergy Nitely), the epitome of great music rolled up into a wonderful personality, and thought I would share with him the good news, and my excitement with broadcasting the music of our virtual world once again.   My other long-time friend Sher Salmson was there too (LC Live @ The Lost Coconut Music Park), beautiful as ever, swaying to James' set.  She is now involved in creating music machinima featuring SL artists. I hope to feature some of her works soon.

Later that afternoon at LC Live,  Collin Martin (below) played a number of covers with passionate guitar strokes (i.e., Chris Isaak's Wicked Games; Stealers Wheel's Stuck in the Middle).  In the latter he did his so-real impression of a trumpet, great voice work!  Then there was his brilliant piano performance for a "said" amateur (i.e. Eric Clapton's You Look Wonderful Tonight).  All and all, doing more than justice to the original musicians.  (Wonders if he has a CD?)  Really even Colin Hays/Men at Work's Overkill! near the close of his show.  Excellent rendition of Tom Petty (Free Fallin'), I might add.  Super talent in the midst of Texas performing in Second Life.  How did I miss him on the grid? So I check his profile, and it says he is 6 days old.   Okay, I forgive myself and make a note to check him out again.  He has time to play one more tune, as the next artist was running slightly late, so he plays Wildfire by Michael Martin Murphy.  Nice job!  Christopher Quan, another long-time SL pro and grid favorite, took the stream.   Too bad I had to go, for I have enjoyed his performances many times over.

Well all this to say, I am pleased to be back on-air.   In fact, I prefer being here than returning to mainstream real world stations.   I consider Second Life and SL Live Radio and the entire virtual world music scene to be relevant to all our lives, first and second.

The SL Live studios are moving to their new headquarters, but this weekend I will still be at the old digs,

See us there, Sonicity & Belinda (to left of me)