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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Josie Anderton Grooving to Slow Bake

Soni's `Slow Bake' on SL Live Radio

Welcome to the show! 

We had a spectacular turn out!   Singer Josie Anderton and her guy, George Downes, dropped into the show.   

She passed me a couple of songs, and voila! through the magic of radio - there she was on 'Slow Bake' on SL Live Radio.

`Who loves Slow Bake?'  'I do!  I do!' exclaim Josie Anderton and George Downes. 
Penguin Choir
Josie & George doing the `Zombie' dance

Some side news - the penguins attacked Bel, and tore up her outfit a bit.  I told her to hold back her Angelina Jolie powers and give them a break.  They were just over stimulated from all the great music and visitors.
Bel (a.k.a Angelina Jolie - congrats on the marriage to Brad)

They seemed to leave Kara Trapdoor alone.
She threatened to blog them.  Then there were the physical threats, when she raised her hand in a motion to swat them.  They promptly waddled away. 
Kara of Kara's Korner (you want adventure?  she's your gal!)

All in all, great fun for all.

For a good time, it's SL Live Radio.  Thanks Bel for all your good vibes and support of the show.

That was the Sunday edition of `Slow Bake' in photos.  Lots of your fav musicians from around the grid (Sundays, noon-2 pm). 

See you next time at the studio of SL Live Radio.  Our brand new location is to be announced soon.

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