Sonicity Radio featuring SL Musicians

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Day One: SL LIVE Radio


Dear Diary, 

Okay, so I got off to a rough start, and had to reboot as soon as I went on air.  Go figure.  But in the end, all went well.  I have to really thank Thorn and Esme for their continual encouragement, and to my exceptional friends - partner Belinda Barnes and the awesome Kara Trapdoor for being there, cheerleading me on throughout my two hours.   Kara took some pics of me on my SL LIVE debut.   Bel is to my right, and Kara to the left.  And the music was great because the SL musicians are fantastic!   I hope to build my music collection.  Hope the listeners will help!


Following my show, our SL LIVE CEOs went off to Breakfast at Mimi's, a fashion showcase presented by Penumbra.  The after party, with Thorn broadcasting live, was a perfect fit for the festivities.  I caught a few pics of Thorn, Esme, Mimi, and Penumbra's CEO Zzoie Zee.

So you see those feet - in the sky!  
 Yup!  That's Thorn, rising to the occasion.

 And again - Careful now, Thorn.  Watch out for Mimi.

 It was a fantastic first day - with SL LIVE, being once again the life of the party!

See you on the grid listening to SL music, and next Sunday, noon-2pm SLT on SL LIVE Radio!

- Soni