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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gas Up The Virtual, and Kick It

 Okay, not much of a title, I know. 

Trying to pay homage to two venues this time around - Sherie's Gaslight and Kickin'.

The weekend kicked off late night, propelling Belinda and I to check out the music scene before taking in some well-needed rest (after many hard days in that other world).  
Bel checking out the scene!
Paul Nowles & his 'Wild Stallions'

We caught up with Paul Nowles at Sherie's Gaslight at Unsung Heroes (13, 230, 25), along with his stage band (The Wild Stallions, he notes) - Magic, Kathleen, Coco, and Cheyanne (his wife). 

Definitely fun for the audience - and the band.   It was my first time hearing him. Paul has a long play list, and can just about cover anything.    He also educates listeners on the ins and outs of the business, from his experience as an audio engineer and musician.   For more info, head over to  He's a relateable entertainer, and has attracted a good following as well.   

Grif and the Tambourettes
Next up, was Grif Bamaisin.  It's always good to hear him, although it's been awhile for me.   He is definitely hard core, so much in fact, he lets Dru (on stage in the provocative neon green outfit) run his avatar, while he intends solely to his music ("I perform ever note and word you hear").  Grif still pays attention to local chat, and responds to his audience over the mic.  


Along with him and Dru, typically its Susan, Mac, Steven and ReyRey.   Anticipate a lot of disrobing at his concerts from his loyal fans (Tambourettes), who not only enjoy getting exposed to his music, but simply getting exposed.    For more about this RL/SL entertainer, check out   A fantastic article about him may surprise you about his RL accomplishments,

Josie Anderton

So then Belinda and I decided to see a long-time friend, Josie Anderton, one-of-a-kind singer... artist/photographer, and a super nice and talented woman from the UK.   She put on a great hour at Kickin.  Her span of music has increased over the past four years, something for everybody and every occasion, particularly adding punch to the classic pop tunes.

Always a lively show - her bubbly (yet intelligent) personality is refreshing;  along with good tunes, it's the ideal fit for a Friday night get-together on the grid - what else does one need in the virtual to kick start the weekend.