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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kickin' Summer into Gear

It's summer, and I have some catching up to do! I dropped in a few places to see what's shakin' - and the music scene is always lively on the grid. I just got back from hangin' in New England and the Big NYC (and not talking about Lingual's The Roof - but that was one of my first stops when coming back in town).

So here's the music scene in pics.  Last night, I dropped into The Roof's pre-4th of July party - and enjoyed the usual exceptional line-up served up by Ling.   AMFORTE Clarity was stunningly beautiful as usual, with vocal cords that will melt your soul.  It was great to see Strum Diesel, who is working on a new music project - so glad to hear that and looking forward to it!   Lazarus Doghouse, folksy talented musician/storyteller, dropped in to listen and mingle.

Porter Paquot followed AMFORTE, and was her usual amazing self and so cute in her red gown with sparklers!

Also, I had the pleasure to catch rockin' Wayne Davis (WayneDavisRocks) at Sherie's Gaslight - that was my first time hearing him -

and he definitely knows his stuff, a great musician who's been around in RL and SL.

Then, tonight I listened to the fab voice of Gina Stella, while saying hello to Blueron Clyburn, who just finished his set, at TwoMoon Paradise's Mer Garden. He's back home on the East Coast, after performing at this year's Chicago jam, organized by Anek Fuchs and Gina Stella.

Gina looked lovely as mermaid, and so did Blue (see past blog). Sher is back managing Gina. TerryLynn was in the audience. And the lovely TMP Owner Shiran Sabra was on hand, lovely as ever, greeting all.

That's just a quick look around, now that I am back in SL from my RL adventure.  I caught The Follow's Powers Avon at The Roof - his shirt says it all about how busy the band has been and is!

Catch you on the grid and on BOSL radio for some SL jams, hot off the grid, in a show I call Slow Bake, featuring SL musicians, Saturdays, 11am SLT. (Pic below, Deep House Island radio remote)

  :) Soni