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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

And The Beat Goes On

May is winding down, and I had an opportunity to attend an amazing show with Blueron Clyburn.  He's one of the many musicians planning to attend the Chicago Jam from June 22 to 24.  Catch some of your favorite Second Life performers jamming for you in real life - and enjoy all the fun!    The event is organized and founded by SL's Anek Fuchs and Gina Stella.

* * * As a quick side note, I also compiled some photos from some of the May shows on the grid that I didn't have a chance to blog - maybe you were there - I blogged them here on Soni Songs.

  I also show some photos from Freestar Tammas' show last night.

She is an incredible talent, and joins the rank of so many top notch SL women singers like SweetLilly and AMForte (and others like Gina Stella not featured this time around).

Now back to the very blue Blueron Clyburn.  Blue (teal?) is his color as he adorns his lovely Merm-man fins.   He performed live yesterday at Two Moon Paradise's underwater venue.   It was my first time "underwater" at Two Moon, and my first time as a mermaid.  TPM is a great complex for live music and special events.

I invited Belinda Barnes to join me, and she readily was prepared, changing into something more appropriate for the event, looking lovely as always.   I slipped on my Purple Moon "mesh" mermaid gown that I purchased a couple of weeks ago and fitted it underwater as I listened to Blue.   (The thing about mesh is you are never truly nakey, just invisible, you gotta love that. No one noticed.)

All eyes were fixated on Blue at the piano.  Topless (with nothing but bubbles), he didn't miss a beat.  And his fins kept rhythm, I imagine.

Blue is wonderful at interpreting songs his way, and he's been around quite awhile as a performer in Second Life, and much longer in real life.  From New York to New Orleans, and back and then some.

Catch him finless in Chicago soon.   Tell him hi from Soni, because I will be in his neck of the woods, outside New York while he entertains ya'll in my home state.  Go figure!