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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy 50, Nick Rhodes!

First THINGS FIRST - BOSL Radio Resumes Today - Just in time for the Grand Opening of ZanzE Fashion Mall.   

So that means....SLOW Bake, the one hour weekly BOSL Radio show that exclusively features Second Life musicians resumes as well - Saturday, June 9th, 11AM SLT.  Join me, as well as the rest of the BOSL DJs most of the day, as we broadcast live the ZanzE Fashion Experience from Primitv Island in Second Life.  Details on What's Up Soni!

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Rhodes!

50 is just a number.  Unless it is the BIG 5-0 for Nick Rhodes, one of the key founders of legendary Duran Duran.   Nick Rhodes was instrumental (along with Chrissy Welinder) in the launch of the Duran Duran Universe, that has brought so many fans opportunities to meet the members virtually.   As you may remember, Best of SL Magazine featured Nick Rhodes in an exclusive interview nearly a year ago.

Nick Rhodes' Birthday Celebration
Roger Moore recently did an impressive DJ set in-world, and like Nick he continually connects to us through music within the medium of SL.

The fun continues today, as Nick Rhodes celebrates his 50th with his fans.   He prepared his birthday playlist, and DJ Starman Mustang Mantha spins the songs along with voice inserts from Nick.

The dress code is demonic! It all happens Saturday 1PM SLT/PST at the Grand Tower of Hades on Tion.

The half-century mark for Nick is historical.  Be there to witness the magic behind his hypnotic power, and witness first hand the source of his creativity through his favs.

Come if you dare!   See what Nick unleashes before his virtual audience - and perhaps learn the secret powers behind his eternal youth.  

PostNote:   Party Photos - Belinda, Vixie, JJ, Chrissy, Soni, etc.  Check out JJ's nearly 10 minute machinima on the party that includes everybody, I think, except me.  (haha, that is okay, it's not about me, it's about Nick!, just sayin' lol).