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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Days Ahead - Tuned In

Super Sundays means a huge festival of football (the other kind) for the USA.

This year, it also means by now the ground hog has already decided to either go back to bed for another six weeks, or get ready for Spring, depending on which Groundhog you listen to these days.  Everybody is an expert (or not).

The Chinese New Year brings us new hope - at least that's my hope.

And more generally,  I am beginning to see signs of Spring, particularly in Second Life.

Join us Sundays, as you Spring back into Second Life to join us as we celebrate the music community!  Those dreary winter days are passing by quickly.

Today, we're hanging out with the sounds of Twin Ghost, Soul Vision, Gina Stella, Josie Anderton, Pete Mroz, The Matthew Show,  Saintess Larnia, Pol Arida, Beth Odets, and so many talented SL singers and musicians.

Come and hear the sweetness of virtual spring....

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