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Sunday, February 19, 2017

SL Musicians - You're The President Day!

SL Singer Agatha Nowles, Sunday, Feb. 19th

Dear Slow Bake Listeners,

In the U.S., Monday is Presidents' Day, the day that honors the leaders of America's past.  I began thinking, to refrain from being political, let's honor the concept of leadership in general, and how it intersects with music  - and then I thought, well leaders SHOULD be inspirational.  Hmm, so what songs inspire us in life?   I'm taking the long way around to develop a theme for today's show!

What SL Musicians inspire us through their message, life and being at the forefront of this other world - a newly emerging world that we have had the honor to experience for more than a decade already?   We have been part of the future, as it is unfolding now.  Everyone is talking about what we have been living - virtual reality - and we have developed communities, and for me it is the virtual music community.

I have learned so much from the musicians of Second Life, their messages and sense of adventure, as well as their generosity with their time to give to a variety of not-for-profit causes.

So today, my friends, we honor the musicians of Second Life, especially those who have led via message and creativity in Second Life to create a wonderful community of conversation and dialogue on significant issues expressed through music.

That's the theme today!   By the way, today's show is a RADIO Only show.   Mad Pea is having a special series of concerts featuring SL Musicians - many of whom I play on SLOW BAKE this Sunday. So I ask that you support them in this good cause, the Mad Pea International Food Fair with proceeds going to Feed A Smile!

Concert Stage

Inspiration through Leadership - specifically dedicated to those who inspire through music and message in creative and adventuresome ways!

Here's to creativity!    No votes needed for this show!  They are all presidential! 


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