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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Remember to Remember, SL Music is One Way

Remember to remember today!  Today in the US is a weekend of commemoration. It is typically dedicated to those who died in war, but some extend that sentiment to all those who have passed on, and left us here to our memories.  Collectively, so many have contributed to our daily lives, particularly for those who have been blessed with good mentors.  Some come into virtual worlds like Second Life, and create their own families to fill or complement their needs and desires.

I am not going to commemorate or even celebrate war here today.  Conflict comes in many forms, and there is always a cost to any freedom.  I know many people have given their life on behalf of civil rights.   Those struggles continue today.    Some of our struggles might seem small to others, but for each of us, there are burdens we need to put behind us.  Ghosts that bind us to the past.  Reflect on what has been, honor those who have contributed, and look toward the future.

This weekend, I say let's create memories as well  - honoring those trying to make a difference in our lives, from social justice, health care, to love for one another on every level.   In all our differences, may we cherish the diversity that makes us unique.   May we seek our commonalities rather than what separates us.

Music is a connecting force that has the power to unite us, and to bring us together into communities of hope.  May we even find ways to learn about each other through our various musical preferences, and let not that divide us either.

Let us remember those who have lived before us, and let us hope they have lived well - and truly say they have spent their life as a positive contribution in their own way, be it small or grand.

And remember, you can make a difference in Second Life, too - real people are impacted by what you do and say - and even sing!

Here's to our memories, sad and sweet.    Here's to summer on its way.
Let's make some memories! 

Join me for my radio show, Slow Bake, at noon SLT!
Belinda (top photo) is my host.   I feature a mix of songs from SL musicians, who perform (or have performed) in our virtual venues across this vast grid.  This is my 6th year doing so!

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

SL Live Radio and Slow Bake, Double The Fun!

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With Your 'Slow Bake' DJ Sonicity  
Sundays 12-2pm SLT

Your Favorite SL Musicians rolled into two jam packed hours of the finest tunes.

and Belinda as Hostess

Slow Bake is hosted by SL Live Radio, most Sundays (noon to 2pm SLT), at Misty Falls.
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Trust your Ears, Not Your Eyes~ 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Global Music Lovers United Spring Fest 2016!!!!!

Great Line Up Today!  
including two Slow Bake featured artists, Red Heaven and Twin Ghost!

Dinosaurs, Chocolate Chips and Great Music

Okay, let's have some fun!   School is out for many colleges - and school will soon be out for many teachers and kids!  Time to think fun thoughts!  

Do you know what special day is today?    It is Dinosaur Day, International Day of Families, National Chocolate Chip Day, Stepmother's Day, and Straw Hat Day.  Wow, those are some of my favorite things!  Better yet, those actually represent possibilities for tons of fun - yup Step Moms can be fun!  Give her a chance!  TODAY there are other 'serious' days as well.   For a listing, your source is

I challenge you with this theme for today - The 'No Excuses Music Memory Day' or more formally Relive Your Past By Listening to the First Music You Ever Bought No Matter What It Was No Excuses Day!  

Can we go one step further - Can you revise and extend that concept to Second Life?  What was the first song or artist that you remember listening to within SL?   I would love to know, and you can drop me a line at 

I know one of my first was Mimi Carpenter.   Gina Stella and AMForte were favs early on too.  I cannot really remember who was first!  I had lots and still do!  How about you?   
Maybe you want to make a music memory or be part of the action, or maybe you know the perfect talent! That's a perfect open for introducing the call for music talent by the Linden Lab!

It is SL's 13th anniversary in less than a month!

The Second Life Music Fest is holding auditions, but it involves some paperwork and a May 26th deadline.  Go here for the official form.                                      

If you have recorded your music and would like me to play it on SL Live Radio, as part of my Slow Bake show, please send me an MP3 or Wav. file to

If you missed last week, I plan to play more songs from Red Heaven and The Jenny Johnson Band, both bands have recently released EPs/LPs.  (See last week's blog for more information.)

SL Live Radio,
Slow Bake is hosted by SL Live Radio, most Sundays (12-2pm SLT), Misty Falls.

DJ Studio, Misty Falls,
Set your land in-world,

Special Announcement:   Right after SLOW BAKE announcing the art of Ramsa Luv, an emerging talent among seasoned artists and newcomers.

The Windlight Art Gallery's May & June Exhibition will open today at 2pm SLT and will feature live performer CeCi Dover! The exhibiting artists are: Lanne Wise, tessagrace51, Trinity Yazimoto, Ronin1 Shippe, Margo Hollak, Syphera Inaka, Veruca Tammas, Rey Vlodovic, Ramsa Luv, Solde Rothmanay, naughtybiker Resident, Honey Bender, Warm Clarity, Wicca Merlin and Jolieelle Parfort. Water Haven (72,143,26)

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mom's Day! from Slow Bake

The last thing Mom wants to hear is anything to do with cooking on Mother's Day unless someone else is doing it!  Well, Mom, no worries, I am cooking up the tunes today for you!  

Sunday's Music Menu
Red Heaven
The Jenny Johnson Band
with lots of sassy and spicy tunes in between from SL artists

Red Heaven's New EP
Available on

Red Heaven has five new songs for you!  I will debut them today on my show, Slow Bake! on SL Radio.  Check out Red Heaven's Facebook Page for links and more information.

IF that is not enough for you Mom!  I have a special treat from The Jenny Johnson Band.   Slow Bake will be throwing a VR release party for them summer!  But today you will get a taste of their new stuff!   Excerpts featured from their LP "These are Your Neighbors" can be heard beginning today, with an anticipated SL release in mid summer (TBA).   This, of course, is a special treat for me.   Jenny is my oldest daughter.   One of her favorite shows (which should be evident from the album cover) has been the classic Canadian mocumentary series Trailer Trash Boys.

Available on

All in good fun!   And that's is what Slow Bake is about - having fun and sharing music, particularly those from our very own virtual world and the larger indie community!

Drop by - you come and see us soon, you hear!

Slow Bake is hosted by SL Live Radio, most Sundays (noon to 2pm SLT), at Misty Falls.
SL Live Radio,
DJ Studio, Misty Falls,
Set your land in-world,

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Then, after SLOW BAKE, continue your special day in SL here:

 Or Head to Open Sim for RED HEAVEN!

 Here's the info - 3pm SLT Sunday on the Open Sim grid at The Maritime Club in Virtual Belfast. New to OS, then go here for instructions: