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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Dinosaurs, Chocolate Chips and Great Music

Okay, let's have some fun!   School is out for many colleges - and school will soon be out for many teachers and kids!  Time to think fun thoughts!  

Do you know what special day is today?    It is Dinosaur Day, International Day of Families, National Chocolate Chip Day, Stepmother's Day, and Straw Hat Day.  Wow, those are some of my favorite things!  Better yet, those actually represent possibilities for tons of fun - yup Step Moms can be fun!  Give her a chance!  TODAY there are other 'serious' days as well.   For a listing, your source is

I challenge you with this theme for today - The 'No Excuses Music Memory Day' or more formally Relive Your Past By Listening to the First Music You Ever Bought No Matter What It Was No Excuses Day!  

Can we go one step further - Can you revise and extend that concept to Second Life?  What was the first song or artist that you remember listening to within SL?   I would love to know, and you can drop me a line at 

I know one of my first was Mimi Carpenter.   Gina Stella and AMForte were favs early on too.  I cannot really remember who was first!  I had lots and still do!  How about you?   
Maybe you want to make a music memory or be part of the action, or maybe you know the perfect talent! That's a perfect open for introducing the call for music talent by the Linden Lab!

It is SL's 13th anniversary in less than a month!

The Second Life Music Fest is holding auditions, but it involves some paperwork and a May 26th deadline.  Go here for the official form.                                      

If you have recorded your music and would like me to play it on SL Live Radio, as part of my Slow Bake show, please send me an MP3 or Wav. file to

If you missed last week, I plan to play more songs from Red Heaven and The Jenny Johnson Band, both bands have recently released EPs/LPs.  (See last week's blog for more information.)

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Special Announcement:   Right after SLOW BAKE announcing the art of Ramsa Luv, an emerging talent among seasoned artists and newcomers.

The Windlight Art Gallery's May & June Exhibition will open today at 2pm SLT and will feature live performer CeCi Dover! The exhibiting artists are: Lanne Wise, tessagrace51, Trinity Yazimoto, Ronin1 Shippe, Margo Hollak, Syphera Inaka, Veruca Tammas, Rey Vlodovic, Ramsa Luv, Solde Rothmanay, naughtybiker Resident, Honey Bender, Warm Clarity, Wicca Merlin and Jolieelle Parfort. Water Haven (72,143,26)