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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mom's Day! from Slow Bake

The last thing Mom wants to hear is anything to do with cooking on Mother's Day unless someone else is doing it!  Well, Mom, no worries, I am cooking up the tunes today for you!  

Sunday's Music Menu
Red Heaven
The Jenny Johnson Band
with lots of sassy and spicy tunes in between from SL artists

Red Heaven's New EP
Available on

Red Heaven has five new songs for you!  I will debut them today on my show, Slow Bake! on SL Radio.  Check out Red Heaven's Facebook Page for links and more information.

IF that is not enough for you Mom!  I have a special treat from The Jenny Johnson Band.   Slow Bake will be throwing a VR release party for them summer!  But today you will get a taste of their new stuff!   Excerpts featured from their LP "These are Your Neighbors" can be heard beginning today, with an anticipated SL release in mid summer (TBA).   This, of course, is a special treat for me.   Jenny is my oldest daughter.   One of her favorite shows (which should be evident from the album cover) has been the classic Canadian mocumentary series Trailer Trash Boys.

Available on

All in good fun!   And that's is what Slow Bake is about - having fun and sharing music, particularly those from our very own virtual world and the larger indie community!

Drop by - you come and see us soon, you hear!

Slow Bake is hosted by SL Live Radio, most Sundays (noon to 2pm SLT), at Misty Falls.
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Then, after SLOW BAKE, continue your special day in SL here:

 Or Head to Open Sim for RED HEAVEN!

 Here's the info - 3pm SLT Sunday on the Open Sim grid at The Maritime Club in Virtual Belfast. New to OS, then go here for instructions: