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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rez Day for Sher; BeetleJuice at Club Energy

Nothing like having your rez day around the Halloween festivities.  I mean you can't tell if you and your friends are getting older - haha with all that extra make-up and bad skin - or just dressed for the occasion.   Yet always timeless and beautiful is Sher Salmson (SpiritFire Entertainment), queen of the music scene in Second Life, representing top bands across the grid.   Her special birthday included her friends, many of whom are musicians.  I thought I'd just pass on a pic of the lovely Sher for us all to treasure along with a few other pics captured near the end of the event.    Four years Sher - I can't wait to be there for number 5!

Belinda (above) and I outfitted for the party in our alternative selves as teens to see what trouble we might stir up - I brought the ice cream, and well Bel brought the super-powered weapons.   She never used them though;  she told me that really she was packing mega liquorice.    

Next Stop that Night

Then we went off with Kara Trapdoor - who posed as a little angel - to check out the party at Energy.    The DJ looked great as BeetleJuice;  it was a girl's night out and I guess we were still partying in honor of Sher!!!!!  Yeah, it was all for Sher!!!

Happy Rez Day Sher!

From Bel, Kara and Soni