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Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Autumn Willowind

Autumn is here!   Magnificent colors and summer's last breath fades.  November ushers in the holidays, and thanksgiving is around the corner.  One young lady has much to be thankful for, perhaps having an encouraging mother at her side and having a beautiful sense of music.

Sunday, November 6th, the House of Blues presented Autumn Willowind, a talented young musician who made her debut in Second Life less than 6 months ago.  In fact, she made her debut at HOB in July.   She played to a full house Sunday evening, following her RL mother, Gina Stella, who is among the top female talents in Second Life.

Gina Stella and her RL/SL partner Anek Fuchs (another talented musician - both represented by Sher Salmson, SpiritFire Entertainment in SL) are the contact persons for booking Autumn.  They have brought the Second Life music scene in full force to Chicago, and have been instrumental in bringing live music out of world for an annual music festival in RL, streamed back into SL venues.

Autumn puts her spin on contemporary tunes, like Paramore's The Only Exception, Adele's Someone Like You and Taylor Swift's Story of Us.   Barely 15, with her RL birthday this Saturday, November 12th, she has been a musician her whole life, it seems.  Gina explained to me, "Angela has been singing since she could walk, and plays guitar and sings everyday.  She's had a few lessons but is pretty much self taught - .and you can feel her heart and soul in all her songs."  

Autumn was in good company on this Sunday night, in between her mother and Phemie Alcott, two seasoned performers and excellent role models.  Not bad for a freshman in high school.

Be sure to wish Autumn a happy birthday! 

:) Sonicity