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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Steampunk Apocalypse

Woke up late this morning after attending the last few hours of an electronic music festival of sort Friday night into Saturday.    The party ran over with Mischief bringing in even more electronic music enthusiasts.  So here's the deal.  The event caught my eye - Steampunk Apocalypse at Sunny Island.  What's not to like about an event like that.   The dress code was Steampunk/Victorian.  A few took liberties with the code, while many were on the spot with their wears.  Colon Trapdoor (below) won the unofficial prize for best theme dressed, in my view of an apocalypse. 

And man, I have to commend the builder for setting up the outside venue so authentically.  I had to admire those huge pipes that spanned above and adjacent to the dance floor.  And then there was the unique dance ball.  Yeah, I got pics.    I will just show some here, and I will submit others too to my Best of SL Magazine (BOSL) monthly Society and Events column for July.  I will add some more details, after I speak a bit with founder Sabine Courtois (Sabrina).

Sabrina (both photos above; in red, Redalo) was inundated with IMs and so many people falling out of the sky to join the party even in the final hours. - and the party went over with Mischief Portland (also CO-CEO/Builder) being the last dj (that I heard at least) after Coca Supercharge sent good currents into the air and Analogue Voom (Funkshun.Parabola) kept the crowd grooving to the electric beat.   

The event was a creation of Funkstastic Machine Events, and promotes itself as a new concept for themed electronic music events - showcasing House, Electro, Techno, Hard House, Breaks, Drum N' Bass, etc.  It's about the music but it's also about how it is presented.  That night Sabrina and others were tossing out suggestions for the next electronic gathering.   Owners and staff are listed on the Funkstastic web site.

Anyway, the theme this time was Steampunk, with DJs beginning midday Friday and mixing until the early morning of Saturday.  The line-up on the schedule listed the following and noted all were RL DJs too -

Keyna Wirefly (Techno), Jesto Kormann (Techno), Tink Toll (Hard Dance), Coca Supercharge (Hard House), Calrek Nansen (Hard Techno), Pussy Nacht (Hard Techno), Jess Fosse (Funky Techno), Kenster Mixmaster (Electro House), Mischief Portland (Nu Skool Breaks), Colon Trapdoor (Breaks), Sven Newman (Drums N’ Bass).

Analogue must have been a late add, but definitely a good one!   Well that's it for now.   I look forward to chatting with Sabrina about future events, and finding out how this idea all began.  

More, Later....Soni :) 

Steampunk Apocalypse at Sunny Island
11 DJS, 11 Hours, 11AM-10PM
Sponsored by:  Funkstastic Machine Events