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Thursday, June 16, 2011

AcousticEnergy Inducted into the SE Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame

Surprise!!!  Sher Salmson of SpiritFire Entertainment honored AcousticEnergy Nitely for reaching a 1,000 member fan base.  He was inducted into the SE Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame at Dragon Moon, owned by Sher, his manager.  The event filled the sim during the two hour event, and AE swooned his fans with his magical voice.  A special video was made by SE's Doris Fereszk in honor of AE with some of his closest friends, musicians, and associates "singing" his praises (so to speak) and then he was awarded a statue to mark this occasion.
Fans and good friends gathered to celebrate with AcousticEnergy.  Sher went all out in an elegant formal gown.
Doris (below) is seen here dancing, probably relieved her hard work was done, after her video was shown to his adoring fans. AE thanked her for putting together the keepsake video, which can be viewed at
Singer/Musician Blueron Clyburn listened on in the crowd. 
The SE group gave out a teddy bear that played one of AcousticEnergy's original tunes during the event.
More details in the next edition of Best of SL Magazine (July).  For now, congrats to AE and the SpiritFire Entertainment Team.

I had a great time, along with my good friend Bel Barnes and fellow BOSL correspondent Kara Trapdoor.  

Be sure to check out AcousticEnergy on the grid.
:)  Soni

SpiritFire Entertainment,