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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Back From Family Business!

Do you remember that song 'Take the Long Way Home' by Supertramp.    Wow it just came to mind.  So that is what I did!    I probably could have returned home and to SL sooner, but I decided to smell every flower on the way back!    Sorry, but I did miss listening to SL music.

Today, every song I played sounded better.  I guess I needed a long break!

So here's my story for being gone so long.  I went back to Illinois to watch my oldest daughter graduate from college , and she also released her latest album a month prior.    Her latest album has to do with the town of Makanda, IL, also the site of the forthcoming solar eclipse.   It is the best viewing site, and she will be performing on location!   Anyway, here's a link,

 If you are a regular of Slow Bake (Sundays, noon to 2PM SLT), you likely know I play SL musicians, with one exception, I will play my kid's music!    Its Americana, and much of her music fits within the sound of the show.   Plus she is an indie musician, just like everybody else I typically play during my show!

Well long story short, I am back.   See you again next SundayI am going to download her latest tracks and sprinkle them through next Sunday's show - along with the regulars of Second Life who play their hearts out and make the live music scene vibrant!     I have tried to get her to be part of SL, and she agrees there are talented singers and musicians here.   It's just too weird for her.  LOL.  

Maybe one day!   For now, I can play her music among our SL mix, and justify that I am playing talented indie artists who generously give of their talent and time in-world, for many of us would not have the opportunity to enjoy such talent in RL.     Thanks to the SL music scene and all that goes into it for making this possible.

Today, Belinda joined me for my return at the transmitter town on top of our SL Live Radio studio in Mad City.    Along with her, our friend Ramos and the GM of Meshworks Samantha Ohrberg (a.k.a. Baby Doll) spent the day with us!

Wonder Woman make a special appearance as well.  Next time, I hope to see  you there for Slow Bake.

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And if you are feeling like you need a break, consider taking the long way home!  It is worth the journey, just be sure to return to us!

- Hugs Soni