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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Closer to Spring, When the Lovely Mimi Performs

Today at noon, at Key West, Mimi Carpenter performs live, solo, and, you can be assured, beautifully.  She is a long-time SLer, and occasionally performs with Max Kleene - and that too is a special treat!  She is a seasoned singer, who acoustically charms the world with her talent and personality.   Her show starts when mine does (Slow Bake), and although I cannot broadcast her in real time on my radio stream (SL Live Radio), I plan on hanging out there, and listening, while keeping my radio stream going with ALL your SL favorites including Mimi.  Yep, another radio remote, but you don't have to keep it remote, join me for Mimi at noon!   Saintess Larnia follows her on the Key West stage.

Photos of Mimi from today's show!

Mimi was followed by the equally impressive Saintess Larnia.  I caught a couple of pics of her...

Catch you around the grid for more live music....

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