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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Many Danced within The Forbidden Forest

Do you dare to enter those hidden places embedded within the forest, perhaps only as your virtual being?  (eerie music rises, swelling to a climax, then deep voice (male or female, your choice) announces.....

The Inner Room Lounge  
Presents ... The Forbidden Forest for a musical night with three artists.
performed at
Jorrdan Jarman, CEO, Founder, of Whispering Sands Live Promotions

Last night, the forest creatures, notably in human form, danced in the woods, leaping with joy, to the sounds of Essence Bilasimo, Chillee Hernandoz, and surprise artist DirtyDee Sweetwater.   I arrived late to hear the haunting sounds of Chillee.  She has a way of transforming any cover into a powerful experience, no matter the genre.  She packs each song with vocal punch, reaching out to her adoring fans, and giving them a show to remember.  She is a performer, as well as a singer, and she is more than worth an hour of your time -  if you dare to catch her on the grid.  I wish I could have stayed throughout the day, but you know I have a radio show to prepare for Sunday!  

A Sample of WSL artists!