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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Still Love Gina Stella - After All These Years

Second Life has many women singers, and increasingly so.   But then there's Gina Stella.  I have known her for a long time, not as a friend so to speak, but I have appreciated her talent and have watched her remain a steady force within the virtual world of music.  She was instrumental in organizing the SL Jams, and she is a regular participant.  She is a singer and a musician; her voice is passionate and strong, the music flows from her and she breathes new life in old covers.  She just attended the Twin Cities Jam, and now you can read in the SL Live Music Jam Facebook page (by her own admission) that she's ready for another.

I am not a musician, but my older daughter is, and I appreciate all that goes into practice and touring. There is also something extra - the musician that not only loves her/his music, but celebrates the music with all around them, who seeks out that connection whenever, wherever.   I think Gina's got that something extra.  I have seen it in my daughter, and the crowd's response to her. Even her friends see her differently in that moment.   I see that in Gina, like a firefly, that lights up the room instantly. Maybe that is a silly metaphor.  In that moment, they are the pulse, spirit, light, beat, whatever you want to call that special focal point to which we are drawn.   It is why we go to venues, concerts, jams - and even within virtual worlds, because we know one cannot contain such a gift.   There are no borders between SL and RL, and music proves that.

I dedicate this week's Slow Bake show to Gina, for her continual commitment to the SL music scene, and for being a really, really beautiful person!  or avatar!   All the same.

I first met her in 2009, and she played at a club I owned back then.  Here's a small collage I produced at that time, when I was first learning to record machinima.  It is amazing how many years I have enjoyed Gina's talent!   This October, I turn a decade old, and SL Music has been a big part of those years.   That is why I do this show, to honor the wonderful musicians like Gina Stella who have made a difference in all our lives.

Thanks Gina!  Thanks to all SL singers and musicians!   Venue owners, agents, fans, tippers, etc.

Sunday, Sept. 25th, Catch Gina Stella @ Seaside Lounge, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm 

One of my favorite songs by Gina is her cover of Damien Rice's 9 Crimes.  Rice is on tour, with his next stop Germany.   She recorded it for YouTube in 2010.    I thought it was perfect timing to dig up the link to her version.

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