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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Fab Art and Saintly Sounds at The Edge

Get your Bailywick on at The Edge Gallery!

Just got into town few days ago, and was wondering what I was going to write about for this blog.  Actually went on the air (Slow Bake for SL Live radio, Sundays noon) without that inspiration.  Wanted to kick back, play my beats, and connect to listeners.  Thought about blogging about St. Patty's Day since I am mostly all Irish, and love green, but it seemed so cliche (maybe later this week). 

Then my good friend Ramsa Luv (suit!) invited me to the opening of The Edge Gallery at Bailywick after my radio show.  And the we invited Esme Capelo (co-owner of SL Live radio with Thorn Andel).   Here we were at The Edge's opening to gaze upon the creative art works (as you can tell from the 'pics' of the pics).

My ears immediately focused on the singer, the saintly voice of Saintess Larnia, an extremely talented UK performer.  Excellent choice for the event!  Checked her profile - I mean she has been performing on SL for more than 7 years, so how did I miss her!?

She sings rock and pop covers (from Coldplay, Florence and The Machine, Staind, to Bon Jovi to so much more, name it!) extraordinary well!   She has that sultry, gutsy passion, and can ease to those high notes without missing a beat or straining a vocal cord or guitar chord.  Then, there are her originals!  That's where you really get to feel her talent.  

So I went to her web site - - and she had 2 tunes (Pure; Nothing Sweet) for purchase;  both were originals that sounded professionally recorded and nicely processed. 

Long story short, I will adding those two songs (and hopefully more) on my radio show.   During her show, she announced she will adding more as well to her web site.   She is definitely a fantastic addition to my music collection!

Gotta love SL, the talent never ceases to amaze me!

Check her blog for where she plays next!  

See you around the music scene!    :) Soni