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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday's Best Entertainment is on Your Home Turf

Need a diversion today or some pre-game activity....

Join us on SL Live Radio for SLOW BAKE AT NOON!   

12-2PM SLT. 
SL Musicians for Two Hours!!!
Soni & Bel at the DJ Studios of Misty Falls
Set your land in-world,

Then, for some SuperBowl alternatives
Sunday afternoon brings you...

Lee Winegarden at Burning Flames, 2PM SLT
Voodoo Shilton at Two Moon Paradise, 3PM SLT
Strum Diesel at Dirty Grind, 4PM SLT
KevinMTHomas at Lighthouse, 4PM SLT
TerryLynn Melody at Cellar Jazz Club, 4 PM SLT
Suzen Juel at Dirty Grind, 5PM SLT
SoulVision at Stars, 7PM SLT
Pete Mroz at Key West, 7PM SLT
Phemie Alcott at After Dark, 7PM SLT
Max Kleene at Paradise, 8PM SLT
Voodoo Shilton at After Dark, 8PM SLT
Twin Ghost at Key West, 8PM SLT
Alex Mays at Key West, 8PM SLT
Red Heaven at After Dark, 9PM SLT
Alex Mays at Key West, 9PM SLT
Seth Regan (Mankind) at Spin Club, 9PM SLT
Savannah Coronet at Roadhouse Dreams, 9PM SLT

Monday Morning (beat the Monday blues)
The Vinne Show  (Acoustic Rhapsody) at Surfside, 10AM SLT
Josie Anderton at Lavender, Noon SLT

 Please check your local music listings in SL Calendar of Events to confirm times and locations. Also check out the music line-up from Whispering Sands Promotions on the right.  No excuse to be bored in Second Life.   Remember all SLT/PST times.