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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Changes and Challenges, One Week Ago

Belinda Barnes, circa 1970s style, hostess to "Slow Bake" radio

On January 17th, I was in London, and David Bowie was in New York.  I heard the news of his passing while visiting the UK.  I woke up to the BBC announcers paying homage to his life and music as I listened from my hotel room early that Monday morning in Russell Square.

I am home one week later, thinking about how we are connected globally to and through music. As much as people like to criticize musicians and their lifestyles, we cannot forget their role as change makers in our neighborhoods, nations and across the world.  Many of us might toy with the notion of being a musician, but it is not an easy life, particularly when you are challenging narrowly framed perceptions of societal norms.

David Bowie was such a person.    

In Second Life, in our own world, there are those who have chosen to connect to our lives, virtually.   They impact us personally, as we connect through their words and music.    

Sundays, noon to 2PM SLT (PST), I have the opportunity to play the works of these artists on SL Live Radio on my itty bitty radio program Slow Bake.   I am honored to serve as a host who brings these individuals and groups together in one forum.   I believe in this way, the music scene in our world is strengthened, as is our community of artists and listeners.    

The line between virtual and reality is non-existent.    Moreover, it is more than a bridge from one reality to another - its impact flows through our lives.   It might be visualized as a meeting place that crosses physical barriers as we typically experience them.   We immerse ourselves in this space at any given moment. We can decide when to step out, or whether to live parallel existences.    Music affirms to me that Second Life is a connecting force with few boundaries, other than our computer's ability to render that around us.   Even that, we can stream sounds apart from visual interfaces.   

Join us today for Slow Bake on SL Live Radio for the musicians who dare to step beyond the ordinary, and share with us their extraordinary talent in a world from a 'not so far away' galaxy, one within our reach daily, that has given us the opportunity to connect as musicians and listeners in a space of present and future consequence.  

And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations
They're quite aware of what they're going through

[David Bowie, Changes, January 1972 as a single] 

We continue to arrive at new destinations through music.   Stay tuned!

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 Farewell to the legendary William Franklin Guest -

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of William Guest (of "The Pips) this Christmas 2015. Second Life was honored to have him join us for a tribute to his life and music in November 2013.   The venue still stands. He loved that experience, and treasured it through his final days.   The event celebrated the release of his biography, authored with his sister-in-law, as noted below.  
The original blog entry,, can be read here.   We are discussing plans with Dr. Ziegler for a 2016 tribute to his life.