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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Deep Within 'The Rabbit Hole'

Oh - Oh, it's Magic....

Sonicity takes a trip with some friends!
The Rabbit Hole was a magical venue for some EM Industrial sounds.

The whole night began as an adventure, first in a beautiful sim called Dysphoria, and later we hopped over to The Rabbit Hole for some fantastic beats.  
 I caught the club on an off moment and tried my hand at the dj booth, spinning some beats (or at least pretending) for Belinda Barnes and Kara Trapdoor.  It evolved into a face-off between Bel and I behind the DJ booth last night.  Bel was quite "The Card" and kept everyone in good humor, but I was serious about the matter and intent on hypnotizing my friends with the power of the electronic beat.  Of course, I typically don't spin "records" and rather play radio tunes (i.e., Catch "Slow Bake" on Sundays, noon to 2pm SLT on SL Live Radio). 

                                            *                         *                      *  

We had just visited Dysphoria, another long-time Alice in Wonderland themed sim.  Kara (as Alice) was our tour guide for the night.  Let's say, it is worth the fall down the rabbit hole.

Dysphoria -

If you want to undercover the magic of the SL live music scene, tune into Slow Bake this Sunday for Second Life musicians on SL Live Radio.   It all starts at noon!

Disclaimer:  This blog entry has been my shameless promo for this weekend!

Thank you!   Sonicity

Sunday, February 22, 2015

To The Stars

Went To The Stars this week - great show from Donn Devore (Edward Kyamoon)
and Seth Regain (Mankind Tracer).  Friday, the wonderful Collin Martin took the stage...and the line-up continues Monday!  

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fat Tuesday with Mardi Gras "Max"

 Max Kleene celebrates Mardi Gras at The Wall @ Transylvania!

Soni and Bel wish you the Fattest of Celebrations!  We partied in SL - first to the live sounds of Max Kleene, and then to Bloody DJ.  

Earth Cam caught the crowd action in New Orleans!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Rare Treats

Some rare music treats from QuizzVirtualVideo...HERE!

What a weekend!! Grace for all, The Skye is the Limit, and Other Valentine Treats

Grace McDunnough delivers a mix of acoustic folk and rock, a storyteller from the heart, deep within the virtual soul of Second Life.   

Sample her music today 1PM SLT (Sunday, Feb. 15th) at The Lobster Claw Restaurant (The Castle View House).


For a bit of her background, here are a few sites -

New World Notes -

ReverbNation -

Kara's blog -


Last week, Skye Galaxy returned to the grid.
Remember him, take a listen HERE

Dated four years ago, hear this full performance (48:47) from a concert at Grid Hitz - one of the few if any available online to date.  Skye captures his audience with his powerfully hypnotizing vocals and lyrics, underscored with piano skills unmatched.    He has two performances set for February 15th!

Get me some Skye! music to play on my SL Live Radio show, Sundays 12-2PM SLT. 


It's been a great Valentine's weekend, double shows from James (AcousticEnergy Nitely) and a big ticket show with The Follow (and Voodoo Shilton) on Saturday!


Keep your ear to the grid! 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Fashion is Fabulous

Be Fabulous.   We all know good style is a must in any world - and yes even in the virtual, and especially among the class acts in the music industry - or should be!  That's right, Miley!  

A short teaser for a good friend/former boss - new author Frolic Mills.  I was one of the many staff reporters, working with him in recent years.  He asked me to help on a book project regarding the fashion industry, mainly his experience in the virtual (but also applicable to real life in major ways).  Anyway, kudos to Frolic Mills (founder/former owner/publisher of Best of SL Magazine, Miss Virtual World, etc.) on the release of his first book!    

Forward by Persia Bravin!

-  Soni!

Available on Kindle, at

More info at:

Vote Now For The Virtual Arts

The deadline is approaching to finalize your votes for the ARTS in the 2015 AVI Awards - February 23rd.
Vote here,

Lots of wonderful musicians to vote for - so be supportive of your favorites, as well as the venues.

Also vote SL Live Radio (founders Esme Capelo and Thorn Andel) as best radio station.  Just a suggestion!

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

"Super" Slow Bake

Okay it is Superbowl Sunday, but that doesn't mean that great music cannot fit in with your schedule.

My good news to share, by the way, is that I will be featuring some classic tunes from Damian Carbenell, who after a two year hiatus, is back performing in Second Life.    Join us online or in person -

SL Live Studios

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Here are some on-going shots from today's show in progress.   Visiting me today include our lovely founder Esme, Reiki, Dj Lorenvox, Kara Trapdoor, and the lovely Belinda (top photo)....and of course, LP Kidd, who follows my show on SL Live Radio every Sunday, 2PM SLT.

LP Kidd
(Above) LP Kidd & Kara Trapdoor. (Below) Reiki & Dj Lorenvox 

Esme, co-founder of SL Live Radio