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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Deep Within 'The Rabbit Hole'

Oh - Oh, it's Magic....

Sonicity takes a trip with some friends!
The Rabbit Hole was a magical venue for some EM Industrial sounds.

The whole night began as an adventure, first in a beautiful sim called Dysphoria, and later we hopped over to The Rabbit Hole for some fantastic beats.  
 I caught the club on an off moment and tried my hand at the dj booth, spinning some beats (or at least pretending) for Belinda Barnes and Kara Trapdoor.  It evolved into a face-off between Bel and I behind the DJ booth last night.  Bel was quite "The Card" and kept everyone in good humor, but I was serious about the matter and intent on hypnotizing my friends with the power of the electronic beat.  Of course, I typically don't spin "records" and rather play radio tunes (i.e., Catch "Slow Bake" on Sundays, noon to 2pm SLT on SL Live Radio). 

                                            *                         *                      *  

We had just visited Dysphoria, another long-time Alice in Wonderland themed sim.  Kara (as Alice) was our tour guide for the night.  Let's say, it is worth the fall down the rabbit hole.

Dysphoria -

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Disclaimer:  This blog entry has been my shameless promo for this weekend!

Thank you!   Sonicity