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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Grinding to the SL Beat

Stand Up To Cancer SL - all shows at The Dirty Grind benefit SU2C
The Dirty Grind has two of my favorite things - great SL live music and a steampunk setting.  If you haven't been, check it out;  here's a glimpse of DG's schedule for this weekend, and coming days.

Sponsor of
SAT. Sept. 12 - SUN. Sept. 27 9PM-10PM SLT   
all shows at The Dirty Grind benefit SU2C

THEN SUNDAY the 13th, Dirty Grind features
4PM (SLT) KatRose Serendipity
5PM (SLT DennyMac
6PM (SLT) Lyndon Heart
7PM (SLT) Reggie Sunset
Check the whole schedule/location at: Dirty Grind.

Also check out RADIO GRIND, featuring their family of SL musicians including  NOMA Falta, Wintson Ackland, Effinjay, Ren Enberg & Quai Franklin, Suzen Juel, TerryLynn Melody, Matthew Perreault and Beth Odets, to name a few.   The interrupted stream plays 24/7 quality recordings (some which have not even been released for purchase). So it is a rare treat to listen to Radio Grind.  #

The Slow Bake gals!
Similarly you can listen to SL artists on Slow Bake, Sundays, noon-2pm SLT on SL Live Radio.   As host, I try to guide you to great sites like Dirty Grind, with Kara Trapdoor providing weekly highlights twice an hour.   Belinda is Slow Bake's wonderful hostess! 

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