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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rise Up and Ascend - LEA 16

Summer is coming, and Sonicity is out and about ....after a long hard Spring full of activity.  I have been keeping tons of pics of live music events for the past few months, just no time to post.  Plus, I still have no idea when I will have time to return to my weekly radio show.  Alas, I felt compelled to share with you a very cool "Sound" Sim.  

Welcome to Ascension!   Officially dubbed LEA 16.   Sound gets the spotlight!

Rise up to a powerful mix of lights, music, and energy - on this Saturday afternoon in Second Life, I joined the opening party, accepting an invite from the lovely BOSL Editor Persia Bravin.  The "sonic" vibes were courtesy of SL/RL Mixologist Mantis Oh playing the first set for the event.    Several floors of spectacular design and creativity await you.  This is Mantis' project, part of his RL/SL Hybrid Productions.  H-Productions is a RL Techno Record Label by Swedish producer Cari Lekebusch.

Ascension is a sim fueled by sound, a defining force you must experience allowing the bass to reverberate through your being.  Enough said for now.  That's just a tease if you missed today's party.  You can drop by anytime.  It's sound-art-energy all rolled up into one amazing build.  Here's some photos of Bel and Soni catching the vibes.

Below, Ascension's Mantis - and Persia Bravin.

More about Ascension in Best of Second Life Magazine (BOSL)'s June edition.