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Monday, October 15, 2012

Beautiful Sounds at Two Moon Paradise

What's this Austin gal doing in Second Life?   Her name is Lisa Marshall, and she is an incredibly talented rhythm and blues singer.   You can feel her soul vibrate through your virtual speakers.   At times, I would say she is a cross between Janis Joplin and Aretha Franklin and then throw in lots of originality.    She released a solo CD "Stay Right Here" a few days ago - singing one of the songs "Hold me" from it, you can hear her range.   It's like being churched in the good old days of soulful classics.
Rosi (rosinante.vinson) from Lisa's management crew was on hand dancing.   The stage was set for autumn festivities and Two Moon Paradise is always a beautiful venue.

Lisa grew up in Virginia, spent some time in California, and ended up in Texas - and of course Second Life.  She is not only a talented singer, but a musician with several instruments to her credit.    This was my first time hearing her, and I am totally impressed.   It was on a Monday afternoon, and she livened up an otherwise ordinary work day.  Perfect day for some bluesy, soulful introspection.  Her personable style is a treat as well.   Expect lots of original tunes and a whole lot of real life in her songs. She closed out her set with "Don't Give Up" - also featured on her web site.

She has a RL CD release party on Saturday, October 27.   Event details and more about her music here....

Thanks to Shiran Sabra for booking her - at the lovely Two Moon Paradise.

Next up was Therese Nightfire, another extremely talented singer with an incredible vocal range.  A beautiful person with a beautiful voice - and always be sure to listen for her "LaLa" song and her lovely adaptation of Nora Jones, Adele and many contemporaries. And one of her closing tunes was done amazingly well - "I will  always love you" - acapella!

Be sure to tip the local SL talent!   Here's to seeing you on the grid!

:)  soni and belinda!