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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Belinda and I made the rounds - a couple of fantastic parties on Friday night.  First it was Adele Kling's reception party for a flashback to the 60s featuring the work of artists - Galilla Sinatra, Tequila Krovac and Walter Gedenspire who shared their visions of the 1960s. 

Everyone was groovin' to some classic tunes, and we were all feeling the vibes from the art and fashion.  The photos tell a bit, and you can see more at the art gallery, Vintage Visions at New Toulouse Bourbon.

Then Bel and I were off to the STEAM 7 opening party, hosted by founder Perryn Peterson.   The launch took place at the New Arcadia Asylum Library (near the Freebie Center) at Mieville Wells, one of Perryn's ten Mieville sims, themed to reflect Victorian Steampunk in much of its diversity.  STEAM 7 starts TODAY (September 1st) at the Information Center in Mieville Doyle.  Also, refer to the blog -

A spacecraft landed in the midst of the party, and some little greenies joined the festivities.   We were all taken to our leader, Perryn and instructed to have a great time.

To learn about the origins, meaning and evolution of the STEAM Hunts, see my FEATURE STORY in this month's RETROPOLITAN Magazine, in which I chat to the genius behind it all - Perryn Peterson.   Also in September's issue, the Steampunk Adventures of Bel and Soni continue.

And then Bel concluded the night by taking some pics of our new Mon Tissu dresses - that is how our day started with some loose change and a desire to kick off the weekend by shopping.    I snapped a few photos as well...

anyway, here is Bel's masterpiece @ Flickr [a lovely pic that also captures the mood of our island].  Her photo shoot took us full circle to the beginning of our day - yup, back to what we do best, shopping.  Isn't that how any holiday weekend should start?!   For now....that's it!

BTW, It's Labor Day weekend in the USA - fireworks and all.  If we don't see ya before then, catch me and Belinda next Saturday @ BOSL Radio, My show - SLOW Bake - resumes 11AM SLT!  Meanwhile I will be scouting the grid for SL musicians to add to my playlist.