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Friday, March 2, 2012

U2 - The Virtual Vertigo Tour in Second LIfe

Deja vu - twice over.  Bono took to the open air stage at Cocteau.  It was a re-creation of the 2005 U2 Vertigo Tour in Chicago.  That show, now historical, had been caught on tape back then, and actually is a compilation of two Chicago concerts from that same tour.  That concert was recorded again inside Second Life on Sunday February 19th.  Kagnar Beck was instrumental to the U2 performance, and this in-world event was one of the many shows that he manages as part of his virtual tour series.   Watch the SL capture on U2!

Behind the Taping
On this particular Sunday in Second Life, the audience enjoyed a virtual rendition of the Vertigo Tour, complete with the original elements of the live soundtrack - Bono's interaction with the crowd, special dedications (like on the song "Original of the Spices") and the timeless music of the era, all organized superbly to give you the sense of being there in the Windy City at that memorable event, seven years ago.  

This moment could only be relived properly at Darkside Rawkerz Club, the venue host for this virtual extravaganza. U2 tribute band members were Kagnar on vocals as Bono - 

Larry Muller Jr. (TiajaMaja Shan) on drums, Jamesy Halostar (The Edge) on guitar, and Adam Clayton (Inuott Cuttita) on bass.   Venue owners Robbie and Chiara Bravitz and hostess Kanda Kyong greeted visitors and danced the night away in the midst of the U2 fans and spectacular lights and sound. 

Kagar, one of the original founders behind TDDI Tribute Band Productions, traces inspiration back to 2008, and the rest has been an evolution.  The playlist and production team has quickly grown, with U2, Motley Crue, Muse, Queen, Nickelback, GreenDay and so forth, among the now 31 tribute bands.  The wide eclectic range of bands is quite impressive.  TDDI's company site hs concert dates and information related to Kagnar and his team: