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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The After Glow - Unified Heart

On Saturday, January 21st, I had the pleasure of attending Morgana Nagorski's photography exhibition Unified Heart, a tribute to the words of songwriter/singer Leonard Cohen, now 78.

The gallery brought together numerous artists to pay homage to his timeless lyrics.   [I expound on the significance of his work to the film industry on my machinima blog.]   Morgana brought together 20 artists to share their artistic interpretations of his work, and below are some photos from opening day.   Attendees and artists mingled at the gallery to appreciate the diversity of works presented, while a soundtrack dedicated to Cohen's music played in the background.   It included songs sung by Cohen himself, as well as covers of his work by many esteemed musicians who added their own touches to his music.

Enjoy.  Congrats to Morgana.   I am sure that Leonard Cohen would be pleased that his words have entered the virtual realm.   Be on the look out for a feature article dedicated to her exhibition in the February issue of Best of SL Magazine, coming soon to a kiosk near you.

In closing, let me inform or remind you that Leonard Cohen officially releases his 12th studio album, Old Ideas, on Tuesday, January 31st. It was streamed online at NPR and The Guardian on the 22nd and 23rd. He is 78 years old, and his ideas are very much relevant to today. 

:) Soni

Post Note:  Morgana mentioned to me that Leonard Cohen did see some of the work, and she was told by his manager that he found the project interesting and liked what he saw.   Maybe she inspired him to go virtual!   Nonetheless, the lines continue to blur between both realities - first and second.     Later....