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Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall in Nantucket

The season of Fall is upon us in Nantucket, a scenic New England village in real life, and a beautiful performance and shopping space in Second Life. Many amazing performers have sang at Nantucket to adoring audiences. With only days away from the season's change in RL New England, I had the pleasure to drop in to SL Nantucket to catch a bit of two talented performers - AcousticEnergy Nitely (AE) on Thursday and Blueron Clyburn on Friday.
During AcousticEnergy's performance I met Blue, and he invited me to listen to him playing live in Nantucket the following day.

It sounded like a great plan. Both AE and Blue are so smooth in their vocal presentations, but their styles are very different. Each can melt your heart in unique ways. Both interact well with their audiences. AE tends to flirt a bit with his songs. sometimes working female attendees' names into his song set. Both singers charm all who attend. Blue is just an all around fun presenter, displaying a rich vocal range and equally good sense of humor. AE has been a grid favorite for a long time, swooning women and helping all his fans, new and old, to remember to take time out of RL to have good times on the grid. He thrives on bringing together a community of listeners who just enjoy him at Nantucket and fairly anywhere in SL.

Sher Salmson, manager of both singers, is a beautiful sweet woman who represents several top SL musicans besides AE and Blue: Anek Fuchs, Automatic Band, Automatic Quandry, Gabryel Nyoki, Gina Stella, Hazideon Zarco, Lighthouse Mixmaster. Nantucket is a perfect setting to experience New England's Fall, any time of the year, whether or not a live performer is on stage. But when they are, they warm up the chilly September days.

Saturday, 18th
Wolfie Moonshadow, 10:30AM SLT

Monday, 20th
Esme Fenwitch, 10AAM SLT, new vocalist to SL
EricSampson Swansong, 2PM SLT
Damian Carbenell, 5PM SLT

Tuesday, 21st
Anek Fuchs, 5PMSLT

Wednesday, 22nd
CraigLyons Writer. 4PM SLT
Amforte Clarity, 6PM SLT

and may more inbetween at Nantucket:
:) Soni