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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Get Lucky

Over the past few weeks, Strum Diesel launched a new album, and Mankind Tracer's third album was released yesterday on BOSL radio! Here's the scoop on the more than 3 year singing veteran Mankind and the release of his The Depth of Shadows.

Strum's new CD album, Lucky, was launched on a his new Lucky region!

The release party for his new album brought together loyal and new fans at his new region called Lucky, a performance space conceived by Strum and built and designed by Jacobo Sands, Rowan Argus, and Genevieve SIlvercloud. It is his "dream place" and includes a roof top performance park, lobby, space disco lounge, swing set, treehouse, and his mp3/album vendor, along with some other surprises. He is one of eight RL/SL artists featured on the sim hosted by Studio Genre. In celebration and support of the album, he invited Geos Copperfield, Tarragon Pelous, and the band Dead Heathers to perform during the launch festivities in 30 minute sets.

In his new album, Strum offers original, intelligent compositions with a grassroots message. To learn more about Strum (a.k.a. Sean), visit his site at

His Lucky performance space is at

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Starting Sunday, July 18th, I will be playing at least one hour of SL finest music - fresh off the grid, including selections from Strum and Mankind, among others.

Hope you tune in weekly.