Sonicity Radio featuring SL Musicians

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Welcome to My Little Virtual Space

Hi just call me Soni! I love radio! This should be a blast, and I am hoping for you too. I have been around the virtual block a bit, and let's just say I am a bit over 3 years old. I have been through my tantrum stage, well mostly - although I am a relative toddler compared to some who have been around since the beginning of virtual life.

I love music! I feel immersed in it when I play it on-air or anywhere. I have never been an Internet DJ before, so be gentle on me. I have been a radio personality in Houston, Philadelphia, St. Louis and some places that are blips on a map. I have played every format. really! I have been a news director, program director, music director, creative services director, etc. I have calculated that I have produced 100,000 commercials in my lifetime. Now I am more likely to create sound art, whatever that is :).

I am an events reporter for Best of SL Magazine and love it - honest! Why didn't I do it earlier? - sorry a rhetorical moment. I love music, art and machinima! I am a machinima reviewer/blogger for the Professional Machinima Artist Guild in Second Life.

I am also an author - my latest book, Second Life, Media & the Other Society will be released May 2010. I working on another now - and that will be how I will spend my summer off (I teach in RL now) besides having fun with my BOSL family - and making memories with my RL/SL husband Shock and nearly teen daughter (less than a month now)!

Welcome to my radio show and to all of BOSL Radio!!! And special thanks for Persia for encouraging me!

- Cheers, Soni!

Now, for your enjoyment "Soni & the Sunflowers," a cutesy Soni machinima classic (Sept. 2009)