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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tristyn stirs Wild Girls; Nance Heats Up Wharf

Tristyn Homewood brought his homestyle mix of bluesy rock and pop, all with a southern flair, to the Wharf Cafe and Beach Venue.  This good ol' boy is a seasoned pro - his range can go from George Thorogood to Chris Isaak to Joe Cocker to ZZ Top, to a range of contemporary pop to classic rock to rockin' country - and even ballroom ballads.

He brings a visual experience to stage with his three piece band - McKenzie Homewood (guitar/sax), Susan Hereter (drums), and Cindi Mulford (keyboard).  

Of course, that is the act, but the truth is - the guy can sing.   You can feel his heart pulse through country and southern rock.  Still saying that, he can handle any genre.    Beyond that, he produces his own music machinima,

The shame is he's been on the grid since 2007, and this is the first show I caught of him.  Shame on me!  So much talent on the grid, and I'm getting to them all one by one.

Following him was Nance Brody, with her luscious vocals and brilliant sense of (sensual) storytelling through music.  She brings to stage original songs and a powerful yet intimate stage presence.  She is another seasoned talent in the SL music scene.

The night started with the wonderful Claire Dirval who reminds me so much of Melissa Etheridge with her deep rich vocals.     Claire is certainly one of the most well known musicians in Second Life, and definitely is a joy to listen as a musician and an entertainer who connects with her audience.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thieves of SunRise debut on Slow Bake

Soni On the Road

BOSL Radio is on the Road.  We are live at Egoisme today.  I will be there with my Slow Bake show, likely without the van. 
I will bring the SL music - songs from your favorite musicians who play live across the grid.  See you at Egoisme at 11am SLT.   And if you have nothing to wear, I have a could come as Salsa Girl...
or better yet.......

Egoisme features the bodyglove suit!
Both are hot, but one is much less messy!  See my prior blog, for it in Black (modeled by Bel) and Blue (by yours truly)!
 :)  Soni

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Meow Mesh at Big Momma's!

Soni and Bel on the road in Egoisme's Mesh Catsuits
at Big Momma's House of Rock, dancing to Master DJ Aki (assisted by hostess Butrfly)
Catsuit Details see prior blog post!

Meow Meow - Egoisme's Purr-fect Catsuit

Where have I been?  Working, Wedding, Working.   Every Saturday, I get a chance to meet some wonderful people at the various BOSL radio remotes. This weekend we were at Maverick Design at Gizza Creations II. Hanging out with Ivy Maverick was her close friend, Ramses Meredith, who is releasing Egoisme's purr-fect Catsuit this Tuesday. I heard all the rave reviews during my show, and then I saw it for myself:  the red version looked beautifully wicked on Ivy.  That is probably when my song faded out and I had to quickly start the next one.   I think all of our jaws dropped - it has to be the best designed catsuit in SL and RL.

Later that afternoon, I had an opportunity to play with a few of them.  Of the many colors, I had some fun with the blue and white catsuit.   I don't usually discuss fashion here, but every radio dj needs a catsuit with her purrfect music set.   Thanks to Ivy Maverick, Persia Bravin, and Ramses for a peek at the latest in feminine feline fashion - and MESH I must add.   A few shots are included.

No firearms included, nor are they needed really for this dangerous outfit. Your curves in this number should knock them dead.   Belinda models the black version above.  Try heels for a sexier look, if that is
possible.  LOL.  Congrats to Ramses for another sexy creation.

:) Soni