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Sunday, October 23, 2011

30 Seconds to Mars - Believe it or Not! might be too young to remember those Memorex commercials.   On TV, you would hear and see a concert, but you would have to guess whether it was a recording or a live event.   The tribute band, 30 Seconds to Mars, pulled it off Sunday afternoon, and created a memorable experience at D-3DGE's Lovea Stadium.  

So if you like the real thing, so to speak, you would love the virtual presentation of the band.   Of course the music is that of the original band's, but it is the presentation with animations, lights and the organization of the songs and stage chatter that makes it feel like the next best thing.

It might even be better because you don't have to worry about parking or expensive seating - and you can run to the kitchen for a snack.

The tribute band was fantastic at both covers of other bands like U2 and the originals of 30s2M!

30 Second to Mars in virtual form were performed by: 
Kagneck Beck (JARED), inuott Cuttita (TOMO) and  TiajaMaja Shan (SHANNON)

[Owner of D-3DGE Lemon Xeltentat, above] 

Catch other Tribute Bands by TDDI Tribute Band Productions.
Here's the Concert Schedule, and double check times in SL events calendar or join the group:

Friday 28th Oct - 6pm SLT - 7:30pm SLT. ACDC @ Silver Shard
Saturday 29th Oct - 2pm SLT - 3:30pm SLT. Rob Zombie @ The Steel Horse
Saturday 29th Oct - 6pm SLT - 7:30pm SLT. Queen @ Silver Shard
Sunday 30th Oct - 6pm SLT - 7:30pm SLT. Poison @ Silver Shard
Sunday 6th Nov - 12pm SLT - 1:30pm SLT. Black Sabbath @ Longriders MC
Sunday 6th Nov - 2pm SLT - 3:30pm SLT. Whitesnake @ D-3DGE Lovea Stadium
Sunday 20th Nov - 2pm SLT - 3:30pm SLT. Lady Gaga @ D-3DGE Lovea Stadium
Sunday 4th Dec - 2pm SLT - 3:30pm SLT. Queen @ D-3DGE Lovea Stadium
Sunday 18th Dec - 2pm SLT - 3:30pm SLT. ACDC @ D-3DGE Lovea Stadium

:)  Sonicity
Live (or not) from D-3DGE Lovea Stadium

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Building Momentum for The 4th World Tour

Follow the Follow this Friday, October 21th for its Fourth World Tour in a Day across Second Life!

On Wednesday night, the band - Troy Shoreland, Powers Avon and AJ Darkwatch performed live at Club Graffiti at Good Day Sunshine to a packed and welcoming house. 

Some photos from the Wednesday show!  Great tunes from their latest album, Building Machines to Reach the Stars, and some classic from their past albums and some covers with their original twist.

The Follow's Free World Tour Passport HUD is available at

Wear the HUD on the Day of the Tour and it will take you to the next venue, and also it gives out prizes!!!!
See you at The Follow!

:)  Soni